Welcome to Final Cut Server 1.5. What Now?


Two years ago, Control Group’s Charlie Miller wrote a definitive piece on Final Cut Server for O’Reilly Digital Media.

Since then, Apple has released Final Cut Server 1.5, but Charlie still has plenty of insight on digital asset management solutions. So does Drew Tucker of Apple, the author of the latest book in the Apple Pro Training Series on this very topic.

  • How has the landscape changed in the 24 months since version 1.1?
  • How can Final Cut Server be integrated with third party and home-grown systems to accomplish transcoding, approval, and distribution workflows?
  • Is Final Cut Server the right solution for your asset management needs?

Both Drew and Charlie will weigh in on these questions — and much more in the digital asset management arena — at the Advanced Asset Management Integration with Final Cut Server event on September 22 at 6:30 at Control Group’s headquarters (233 Broadway, 21st Floor).

We’ll also have plenty of food and drink on hand!

Reserve your spot by emailing RSVP@controlgroup.com.

We look forward to seeing you!