Infrastructure is sexy too


skyscraper-structure-concrete-steelWe’ve been fortunate enough over the last year to receive public recognition for some of the work we’ve done with our visionary clients– like the iPads in OTG Management‘s Delta terminals, in-store touch points for Kate Spade Saturday, digital wayfinding kiosks for the New York City MTA, virtual balconies for Royal Caribbean, and most recently, collaboration spaces for Brookfield Asset ManagementWhile the futuristic concepts and interfaces have been the main feature in each of these media stories, what really makes these projects so special doesn’t appear in any of the images and is rarely mentioned in text.  

The real magic in technology is when we don’t even notice it.

Thanks to great advances in consumer technologies over the last fews years, we’ve all developed high expectations. We want our hardware to be slick and our interfaces intuitive. But we also want our products to work every single time no matter where we are. Even if the content is gorgeous and UI is fun to use, if the experience is unreliable or unstable, all of that sexy stuff doesn’t matter.  

Behind all of the product and spatial work that Control Group does, the “secret sauce” is our deep enterprise technology expertise. It’s in our roots… our namesake – Control – is reflective of this. We have a long, dynamic history of building and maintaining stable and scalable infrastructure. As the tools have changed and our capabilities have expanded over the years, our approach has remained the same: We consider network, systems, and support right alongside business needs, software, hardware, and user experience design in each and every project.

So while systems integration and network architecture may not grab headlines or make for good imagery, it’s what keeps the user experiences we create consistent and reliable. It’s also what enables our clients to scale and get the most from their investments. So I guess with all of its strength and importance, infrastructure is pretty damn sexy too (the sexy, silent type).