Working Together, Without the Office

Control Group is happily located in lower Manhattan, in the historic Woolworth building, or as we CGers lovingly refer to it, “the Wooly.” So, when Hurricane Sandy knocked out power to the entire neighborhood, it rendered CGHQ closed for the week. And yet, CG remains open and working this week. How?

As Dave Rocamora wrote earlier this week, its a great tribute to our staff and smart planning (and the cloud) that we were able to keep going. But, even with nearly all of us able to work remotely — well, its kinda quiet in some of our apartments. Not many of us are really the “lock me in the basement to code alone” types. So, before long, an email thread popped up featuring a list of powered, internet-enabled apartments around NYC. It was CG’ers inviting coworkers to meet up at various apartments through the city. One offered waffles.

A few CGers co-located at The Brooklyner

The next day, a few “camps” appeared — one in a Harlem office building, one in a Downtown Brooklyn apartment building, one in Astoria, and many of those on our devoted support team dispatched on location, helping our clients. As you may have seen on the news, New York transport, right now, is split into a few sections — roughly matching where our gathering-points sprung up. CG mini-offices are in session.

Team meetings could resume (albeit not always with the full team in one spot), productivity could tick up when you don’t have to email or IM every conversation…but, also, its just more lively. We can share the news easier. Make fun of sweaters. Return to Lunch (not lunch the meal, which, hopefully, we all continued having; but Lunch, the event, returned).

And some guy (ahem) was outed as the guy with the old-school white MacBook. Hey, I’ll upgrade soon, guys.

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