Update: Coffee at Control Group


There have been some changes since my last post about CG’s coffee maker. We’ve gotten a new “machine” that’s much simpler. It’s easier to understand and less likely to break down. It’s a 10 cup Chemex that we use with an electric kettle.

The Chemex is really easy to use. Heat up water in the kettle, position a filter in the top of the vessel, add coffee grounds, and pour hot water over it (a little at first, to let it bloom, then as much as you want to make). Sweet Maria’s has an excellent guide on making coffee with a Chemex.

Java at Control Group

This is week two of our Chemex experience. So far the kitchen is cleaner, the brew is stronger, and the coffee-notify mailing list is more active. Sure, it takes a little longer to make a pot, but I feel like it makes us more mindful of what we’re doing. Apparently we’re not the only ones that have recently switched to the Chemex.

I suppose the next steps are to grind our own beans (by hand of course). We’ll see what we can do. Stay caffeinated my friends.