Ooyala and CG Launch Next-Generation Interactive Video Demonstration


NEW YORK–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Ooyala and Control Group today announced the joint launch of a next-generation site showcasing Ooyala’s Interactive Video Technology. With an intuitive interface created by Control Group, the site demonstrates how content owners and advertisers can create highly personalized video experiences for their viewers. The concept has many potential implementations, with e-commerce sites being among the top beneficiaries.

“Control Group leveraged Ooyala’s Interactive Video technology to develop an engaging, deeply personalized video experience for the content owner and viewer,” said Alex Holub, PhD, Ooyala’s Interactive Video Team Lead. “This innovative, measurable way of consuming content will drive new monetization models and advertising opportunities.”

This new technology brings website users highly interactive features that allow them to explore content and learn more about objects of interest within the video frame. Site functionality and backend controls enable clicking on an object or the name of the object to display related information. Thumbnails and a video search feature enable navigation to a related piece of content containing the object.

“This demonstration is a great showcase for the possibilities of interactive video,” said Campbell Hyers, Control Group CEO. “Our clients are always trying to maximize the value of their video content, from production efficiencies to syndication revenue. They hire us because we bring the best tools and integration know-how to the table, and Ooyala has been a great partner in this pursuit. With this iteration of their platform, they have taken a fresh approach to a number of features and provided them at a high-value price point.”

Key features of the site include:

+ Word Cloud: A running stream of object labels is displayed, with high-frequency objects shown in proportionately larger type. Selecting a word allows users to instantly connect to content of interest.

+ Video Search Box: Viewers can jump to objects or scenes in the video by entering object keywords. This functionality can open up libraries of video content for interactive search and scene navigation. Specific objects that match the search results have their position in the frame highlighted during playback in real time.

+ Object Ticker: Video Pane in the lower portion of the site dynamically alerts viewers to clickable items in the video by displaying the object label. Clicking anywhere in the Video Pane toggles the Contextual Results window. Viewers can quickly connect with related information by selecting the object name in the results window.

+ Contextual Results: Text, video, and photographic information offers viewers a rich, multimedia experience for learning more about objects or scenes within the video stream. This dynamic display leverages Ooyala’s Interactive Video technology and 3rd party APIs.

+ Click Tips: Highlights outline the clickable objects in video.

A narrated video tour of the demonstration is on Control Group’s website at http://controlgroup.com, with a link to the demonstration site at https://labs.ooyala.com/ivideo_demos/CG_DEMO/index.html.

About Ooyala:

Ooyala is a video technology company that provides an integrated platform enabling the delivery, management, and monetization of high quality video content. Committed to providing the most accessible and comprehensive video solutions to companies worldwide, Ooyala’s solution is easy to use, quick to deploy, and customizable. Its modular and distributed framework allows Ooyala to integrate seamlessly with legacy systems and scale to millions of concurrent users. Ooyala’s partner portfolio includes 1000s of media companies including Bebo, TV Guide, Glam, and Electronic Arts. Free trial Backlot accounts can be created by clicking here: http://www.ooyala.com/products/install For more information please visit www.ooyala.com.

About Control Group:

Control Group is a privately held IT consultancy based in New York, NY, that provides application development, infrastructure, support and training services. The company’s expertise includes development of rich internet applications, media asset and content management systems, design and media production workflow and automation, data center design and implementation, and managed services and support. The company’s clients include leaders in the media, entertainment, and design industries. For more information about Control Group and its services, go to http://www.controlgroup.com.

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